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Background & Expertise

Our mission is to effect positive change and growth by providing businesses with the opportunity for high quality, yet competitive, consulting services. We strive for organizational inclusion—our goal is to remain sensitive to the professional needs of employers by providing the necessary training to support the needs of their workforce community.

A collective of over 40 years, our key personnel have gained extensive experience both nationally and internationally in managing educational and nonprofit organizations. We utilize a pool of dedicated, innovative, and seasoned subcontractors who possess expertise in vast subject areas such as public administration, nonprofit management, organizational management, mental health, behavior therapy, curriculum design, school improvement, training & facilitation, and more. Over 85% of our subcontractors hold a master’s degree or higher. Since 2003, our firm has been providing services to clients in three principal areas: Curriculum Development, Fund Development, and Training & Facilitation.

With the collective experience of our knowledgeable personnel, we are able to produce products that have yielded great success for our clients.

Key Expertise

Involved in providing and developing educational curriculum and services to at-risk, under resourced and under-served students.

Recognizing cultural competencies is an important goal in systems of care; we are culturally competent and aware of the impact of our own culture in relationships with others.  To this end we respect cultural and ethnic differences.

Has extensive knowledge of federal, state, foundation, and corporation funding opportunities, grant cycles and grant reporting deadlines.

Has written various grants for the arts, community development, community block, capacity building, at-risk/under resourced students, assisting intellectually disabled, teens, children, older adults, communities and more.

Provided grant writing services to address various needs of organizations including substance abuse training, abuse training, abstinence education, jobs for the intellectually disabled, ACT/SAT prep courses, pregnancy prevention, parenting education, healthy living, leveraging capacity building amongst community partners and more.